Two Radio DJs Got Their Man Boobs Enlarged to Live "Like Women"

Aleksander Chan · 11/17/14 01:05PM

Popular (and wacky!) radio DJs John and Rasheed from Berlin's JAM FM know—just like you and I—that the single defining characteristic of every single human woman is their breasts. So in an attempt to see what it would be like to trade a Y chromosome for an X, the two got pumped with a saline solution to give them 24-hour C-cup "breasts." They learned a lot.

PR Dummies: 'Attack of the Man-Boobs'

Hamilton Nolan · 02/17/12 12:21PM

The public relations industry is the sports bra of professions: outwardly flattering, but sweaty, oppressive, and unsexy beneath the surface. This is PR Dummies. The worst of the worst, every week.

Barney Frank Has Liberated His Man Boobs

Jim Newell · 12/19/11 05:00PM

Theoretical question: What does a congressman who never bothered to tie his tie properly, comb his hair, or button his top shirt button even when he was trying to win elections dress like after he's announced his retirement and stopped caring entirely? It really is an interesting theoretical question.