Senator's Son Was in Charge When 20 Dogs Cooked to Death in Daycare

Adam Weinstein · 06/24/14 10:27AM

In a bizarre twist to a macabre story, Austin Flake, a son of Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, was supposed to be watching nearly 30 dogs in a sketchy-sounding Arizona canine boarding house when the AC broke down in the shed where the dogs were held, and 20 of them died from the heat.

Cherry Bomb Grandma and Lady Cop Go Head To Head

Devon Irete · 02/26/10 03:26PM

On the season premiere of The Police Women of Maricopa County, Deputy Brocado does a routine welfare check on Ann. This entails scaring the old lady half to death.

But is it the brief threat of arrest, or not getting her hair done for the cameras that gets Ann? Naturally, the latter.