Jordan Golson · 03/04/08 07:20PM

Matt Schlicht and Mazyar "Mazy" Kazerooni, the teenage minds behind OpenHulu, have created a lolcats-Robert Scoble mashup called LolScobles. What does Scoble think? "Just find a goofy image of me and go to Oh, boy. That shouldn't be too hard!" Thanks for being a good sport, Bobby!

Two teenagers set out to conquer the Valley

Owen Thomas · 01/21/08 03:20PM

For months now, Matt Schlicht and Mazyar "Mazy" Kazerooni, who blog as Minds 1 and A, have been keeping me entertained by IM and elsewhere. They're also the media pranksters behind OpenHulu, the website which unlocked Hulu's video library. Schlicht and Kazerooni, barely legal entrepreneurs at the ages of 19 and 18 respectively, took a trip from Orange County to attend the Crunchies, TechCrunch's overblown startupfest. Contrast their enthusiasm to Ted Dziuba's jaded disbelief, and you'll see just how the Valley keeps luring young minds to stoke the startup fires — and just as swiftly burns them out.

Owen Thomas · 01/09/08 03:15PM

Matt Schlicht, one of the clever Web pranksters at, has punked us. He registered, and turned it into a mashup of our site and MySpace, with "Here Comes Another Bubble" by the Richter Scales playing incessantly in the background. (Why didn't we register the domain first? Fair question. I don't know.) []

OpenHulu getting hate mail, acquisition offers

Nicholas Carlson · 12/19/07 02:20PM

While NBC Universal and News Corp. keep Hulu, their online-video joint venture, under invitation-only wraps, OpenHulu, an independent website which appears to be legally embedding Hulu videos, is actually starting to earn some cash. Not only that, but it's getting a little attention from potential buyers, too. Not bad for just copying and pasting chunks of HTML code.

Blogger opens Hulu to the masses

Nicholas Carlson · 12/10/07 07:20PM

NBC and News Corp.'s joint Web-video venture Hulu remains in an invitation-only beta. But if you can't wait to access "Conan the Barbarian" online, blogger Matt Schlicht has your workaround. It's called OpenHulu. It's full of embedded Hulu videos like Arrested Development clip below. Other than whatever cash he's earning from Google ads he runs on the site, why's Schlicht taking so much time to index Hulu's content? "It's mainly the satisfaction of sticking it to the man and bending the rules," Schlict tells Last100. Sticking it to The Man by promoting his ad-supported content on your site and stirring up as much enthusiasm for his product as possible. Yeah! That'll teach him!