Happy Birthday

cityfile · 11/10/09 07:38AM

Comedian Tracy Morgan turns 41 today. Mackenzie Phillips is turing 50. Actress Brittany Murphy is 32. Grey's Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo is turning 40. Mets general manager Omar Minaya is 51. Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Engle is turning 67. CUNY chancellor Matthew Goldstein is 68. Socialite Lauren Dupont is 39. Actress Heather Matarazzo turns 27. The rapper Eve is 31. TV anchor Aaron Brown is turning 61. Film producer Roland Emmerich turns 54. Publishing exec Stephen Rubin is 68. And Sinbad turns 53 today.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 11/10/08 07:19AM

30 Rock's Tracy Morgan is 40 today. Mets GM Omar Minaya is 50. Nobel Prize-winning economist (and NYU professor) Robert Engle turns 66. Society staple Lauren duPont is 38. Doubleday publisher Stephen Rubin is 67, as is CUNY chancellor Matthew Goldstein. Actress Heather Matarazzo is celebrating her 26th. Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo is 39. The rapper Eve is 30. Former CNN anchor Aaron Brown is 60. Film producer Roland Emmerich turns 53. Brittany Murphy is 31. And Sinbad turns 52 today.

Former Tacoda exec joins ad network that can see into your very soul

Nicholas Carlson · 06/26/08 12:40PM

In the middle ages there was alchemy — the fool's science of turning ordinary metals into gold. Today, there's ad targeting technology. See, it used to be marketers bought ads next to content they figured it would be good for their brands to be seen supporting. Nowadays, technologists think they can make its so that content doesn't matter, so long as their ad-targeting technology knows exactly who's looking at the screen that content is on. As a result, we've got contextual targeting, behavioral targeting and now, semantic targeting from likes of such company's as Peer39, which in in an embargoed funding announcement set for June 30, claims it can "understand content meaning and sentiment, enabling precision targeting down to the page level so that display ads appear on pages most relevant to their message." Believers include investors Canaan Partners, Dawntreader Ventures and JP Morgan as well ex-Tacoda VP Matthew S. Goldstein who's joined the company as COO. Non-believers include, well, us. The full release is below, but trust us, its less entertaining than Ben Jonson's cozening characters.

Matthew Goldstein

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:39PM

As head the nation's largest urban public university, Matt Goldstein has tried to transform CUNY through a series of wide-ranging—and occasionally controversial—reforms.