Kathy Griffin's New Talk Show Is Surprisingly Delightful

Rich Juzwiak · 04/20/12 09:58AM

Last night, Bravo debuted Kathy Griffin's weekly talk show, Kathy, and it was not the disaster that such shows' first episodes often are. At one point, Griffin referred to her platform as "Kathy starring Kathy with me, Kathy," except that kind of egocentrism was mostly left to play out in her head. The format is conversational, with about half of the hour-long show taken up by a pop-culture/current-event chat with Griffin's three producer-talking heads (including Gawker friend Michelle Collins, who shone). Griffin isn't as showboaty or funny-hoarding as you might expect; she moderates well, riffs to enhance and gives praise when it's due (check out the props she gives Collins in the clip above). Kathy's like Real Time for pop-culture addicts. The skits were funny, another roundtable with her P.A.'s was also great and she had a segment with her mother, for those who care about that dynamic.