Democrats Don't Want Anything to Do With Obama Now

Jason Parham · 10/08/14 01:04PM

Symbols fade with time. In 2008, when Barack Obama campaigned for the presidency, attempting to become the first black man to hold the the nation's highest office, his run was "historic" and "generations in the making." It was, by most accounts, a big win for the Democratic party, which had lost ground and political leverage during the Bush years. And though Obama endured a rocky first term, his run for re-election in 2012 was again seen as a sign of hope that America would continue to move forward.

Jon Stewart: MSNBC Should Take Notes From Fox News

Matt Cherette · 09/09/10 10:31PM

Tonight, Jon Stewart noted President Obama's shift from bipartisan love machine to Republican-killing campaign shark, and—namely—the media's reaction to it. The verdict? MSNBC should emulate Fox News' skew-the-news-to-fit-our-narrative mantra, and Rick Sanchez is an effing idiot. Video inside.