Mike Sorrentino May Have a Legal Situation

cityfile · 01/11/10 02:41PM

People was kind enough to check in with the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore today to find out how they hope to capitalize on their insta-fame. Snooki and J-WOWW are both following reality TV tradition and launching clothing lines; Ronnie says he may open a tanning salon with his dad as well as introduce a beverage line; and Vinny says he's thinking about applying to law school. (Go figure.) As for Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, he tells the mag that he plans to pursue an acting career and is also hoping to exploit his inane nickname by trademarking it. "I have people working on it as we speak," he tells People. The only problem: Two other people have already applied to trademark "The Situation" since the show debuted last month.