Mitch Hedberg on Acid

Chris Dignes · 07/16/10 08:00PM

Even though Mitch established himself as a master of hilarious one-liners, LSD demands enough of his attention to produce an uncharacteristically long string of jokes on the same subject.

Mitch Hedberg Performs in 1998

Jon Martin · 03/29/10 08:00PM

The death of Mitch Hedberg was something a lot of people saw coming. The man smoked like a chimney and took a variety of drugs. Here, Hedberg performs back in 1998—he died of an overdose seven years later.

Mitch Hedberg on Performing for Canadians

Etan Berkowitz · 02/20/10 09:00PM

Mitch's uncanny delivery won him fans the world over. In his journey to America's hat, he gives a great performance about performances.