Activists Camp Out in Mitch McConnell's Office

Jim Newell · 11/03/11 01:55PM

About 20 to 30 activists with the group OurDC have boldly taken things straight to the dark heart of American politics: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's office, which they have Occupied.

Mitch McConnell Brags About 'Ransoming' the President

Jim Newell · 08/03/11 01:29PM

Sen. Mitch McConnell, the evil procedural genius who somehow always manages to be the most powerful person in Washington from his lowly perch as Senate minority leader, doesn't take offense when people call him and his party "hostage-takers." He rather fancies the title! But he does want to clear up the details of how and why he loves taking legislative hostages.

Did Republicans Just Give Away the Debt Ceiling Fight?

Jim Newell · 07/12/11 03:52PM

There's been what appears to be a seismic shift in ye olde debt ceiling developments this afternoon, thanks to the Senate's in-house turtle, Mitch McConnell. We're still waiting to hear the "catch," since Mitch McConnell is a brilliant, mischievous sociopath who ruined much of Obama's first two years in office. But he's released a new proposal this afternoon that looks a lot like, well, caving with a lame attempt to save face.

Casey Anthony Is Now a Justification for Our Terrorism Policy

Jim Newell · 07/11/11 01:43PM

No one likes to talk about this particular sphere of gridlock in American public life anymore, but let's rehash it for old time's sake: Why can't we try terrorism suspects in U.S. criminal courts instead of Guantanamo military commissions?

Will Democrats Gut the Filibuster?

Jim Newell · 12/23/10 01:37PM

The Senate: It actually functioned in the past week! But that was only after election pressure on moderate Republicans died down. Endless Republican obstruction will continue next year, more painfully. Will Democrats dare to change the "sacrosanct" Senate rules?

The Good News and the Bad News from Washington

Max Read · 12/17/10 04:10AM

A lot happened in Washington, D.C. on Thursday night! In the House, representatives passed President Obama's huge tax package, while in the Senate, Republicans embarrassed Democrats, again. Let's take a look at the fortunate and the unfortunate:

Nice Republicans Temporarily Halt Assault on Democracy

Jeff Neumann · 04/29/10 04:30AM

After realizing they look like huge assholes to everyone outside of the finance industry, GOP senators have decided to allow a debate on the financial regulation bill to begin today. "We owed the American people our best effort." [NYT]

Barack Obama Grows a Pair

Jeff Neumann · 04/27/10 05:06AM

Sick and tired of being pushed around, called a terrorist illegal alien, the anti-Christ, and Stalin-Hitler-Mao, the president has decided to go on the offensive against his loudest critics. It's time for some DC mudslinging!

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 02/20/09 07:27AM

Ivana Trump turns 60 today. Anderson Cooper's mother, heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, is 85. Cindy Crawford is 43. Sidney Poitier turns 82. Coach president Reed Krakoff is 45. Grace Hightower De Niro is turning 56. Knicks guard Stephon Marbury is 32. Patty Hearst is turning 55. Architect Deborah Berke is turning 55. Charles Barkley is 46. Senator Mitch McConnell is turning 67. Actress Lauren Ambrose is 31. And poor Rihanna turns 21 today. Weekend birthdays after the jump!