The Mixed Blessing of Being the Next 'Money Honey'

Hamilton Nolan · 12/12/11 02:35PM

Kelly Evans is a financial columnist for the Wall Street Journal. Unlike most columnists, she arrives at work at 6:45 a.m. That's because Kelly Evans has a second job: she's the co-anchor for the Journal's 8:30 a.m. video newscast, the "News Hub," which plays on the WSJ's homepage just as thousands upon thousands of readers are reading their morning financial news. How many of those traders and brokers and analysts and corporate office drones have fallen in love?

867-5309 For Sale!

Joshua David Stein · 02/01/09 12:00PM

The guy who thought it was a good idea to get the eponymous number from Tommy Tutone's tuberculosis-for-the-ears (it's catchy and uncomfortable) 867-5309/Jenny , has decided to sell that number.

Craigslist.org plans to assimilate all nonprofits

Owen Thomas · 07/11/07 11:07AM

Resistance is futile. We wish to improve nonprofits. We will add your charitable and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your website will adapt to service ours.