​Watch a Woman Attempt to Lose One Pound in 20 Minutes

Rich Juzwiak · 09/26/14 12:58PM

The clip above is from Glena, a documentary about a single mother in her mid-30's whose goal is to be a professional MMA fighter. The movie, which premiered on Showtime last night, explored what it means to follow one's dream while negotiating parental responsibility. Is Glena "Heartless" Avila selfish for undergoing the virtually nonstop training necessary to fight on a professional level, as it cuts into her time with her kids, or would sharing the benefits of such a career ultimately make it all worth it? How much of yourself do you give up for your kids, and is it really in their best interest to do so? Without firm answers, these are the questions that the movie probed.

MMA Fighter Who Ripped Friend’s Heart Out and Cooked It Pleads Guilty to Murder

Taylor Berman · 09/07/12 07:45PM

Earlier today, former MMA fighter Jarrod Wyatt pled guilty to first degree murder and mayhem for one of the more grotesquely violent crimes in recent memory; in 2010, Wyatt cut an 18-inch hole in his friend and sparring partner Taylor Powell's chest before ripping out Powell's heart, tongue and face, all while tripping on mushrooms. As part of his plea Wyatt will serve at least 50 years in prison.

America's Nicest MMA Fighters Foil Robbery Nicely

Hamilton Nolan · 11/07/11 09:29AM

In case you missed this story from last Friday, it will start your week off on an inspirational note: the security camera video above shows Luis Rosales robbing a Los Angeles hotel—and then running into Brent Alvarez and Billy Denney, two MMA fighters who just arrived in town for a fight tournament. A group hug of crime-fighting ensued! The LAT reports:

Synthetic Frankenfood Oil Not a Diet Miracle After All

Hamilton Nolan · 06/21/11 04:26PM

Orrin nutrition! Vitamin ratings! Blackwell jetski! Olean o-fat! Loyalty benefits! Poison competition! Bulgarian method! Supreme diabetes! And MMA workout secrets of the stars! It's your Tuesday Health Watch, where we watch your health—from the sidelines!

Joe Rogan Video Ambushes Locker Room Perv Who Spies on His Penis

Maureen O'Connor · 02/09/10 05:17AM

I don't know what's grosser here: The gleeful pervert grinning at ultimate fighter and former Fear Factor host Joe Rogan, or that Joe uses a soundtrack of pig snorts, whips, and the phrase "Ride 'em cowboy" for this video.

Jesus Christ Will Kick Your Ass

Ravi Somaiya · 02/02/10 08:20AM

Evangelicals have gone all martial arts and want to inject a decent quantity of violence into the otherwise sedate process of praying and stuff, report the New York Times (via plaid-pants-wearing writer Ross Schneiderman). [NYT]

Kimbo Slice and Regis Philbin Slug it Out For the Soul of Weekend Television

STV · 06/03/08 11:55AM

CBS has seen the future (or at least the ratings) and its name is Kimbo Slice. Or maybe it's Regis Philbin. Or conceivably both, after a look at the weekend ratings that established both EliteXC Saturday Night Fights and Million Dollar Password as the network's summer programming to be reckoned with — nauseously, perhaps, and only after sizable narcotic consumption, but no doubt inevitably. Philbin strung together an audience from the 60 Minutes window preceding him Sunday evening, winning the night with nearly 11 million viewers. But bare-knuckle Mixed Martial Arts superstar Slice fared surprisingly well in an even more sepulchral Saturday-night slot, pulling an average of 4.3 million viewers nationally between 9 and 11 p.m.