Did the “Deep State” Sabotage Morsi?

Max Read · 07/11/13 07:28AM

It's been a week since Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was removed from power by the military, and something odd has happened: There aren't any lines for gas, and electric power is consistently on.

Egypt Is Hours Away from an Army Coup

Max Read · 07/03/13 07:00AM

Sisi's coming. There are fewer than two hours left until the Egyptian military's 2:30 GMT deadline for government takeover is reached, and President Mohamed Morsi says he is willing to pay any price for "preserving legitimacy"—even his life.

Egyptian President Refuses to Resign Amid Protests, Military Threats

Cord Jefferson · 07/02/13 08:12PM

In a nearly three-hour address run on state television this evening, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi responded to millions of protesters in his country who are demanding he resign. Morsi, who was elected one year ago last Sunday, said unequivocally that he will not step down.

Cord Jefferson · 07/02/13 04:53PM

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is currently addressing his nation on live television as mass protests continue to grip Cairo and beyond. His main, desperate message: "I was elected in fair, transparent elections." You can watch live at Al Jazeera.

Dispatches from Cairo: Even the Police Throw Rocks Here

A.J. Daulerio · 11/27/12 11:20AM

For most of the afternoon Sunday, the open roof deck at the InterContinental Cairo Semiramis hotels had two sunbathers and a young boy swimming in the Olympic size pool by himself. Six stories down, and 200 hundred yards away, on Abd El-Quader Hamza street, reckless policemen (aka the Central Security Force, or CSF) were launching tear-gas shells against the multiple protesters who were hurling rocks back at them.