Hovercraft-Riding Alaskan Moose Hunter Opens New Frontier in Fight Against Feds

Andy Cush · 01/19/16 11:56AM

Frankly, the Oregon militia boys are getting kind of boring. The authorities’ decision to avoid engaging with their antics is looking prescient: Without an enemy, the men occupying a federal wildlife reserve have been reduced from rifle-toting badasses to rifle-toting dildo whiners. So where to turn for your anti-federal government kicks now? Enter John Sturgeon, Alaska’s favorite hovercrafting moose hunter.

Cool Baby Moose Just Wants to Hang Out

Gabrielle Bluestone · 03/23/14 10:05PM

An adorable baby moose was just looking for the woods when he got his hooves stuck trying to jump over a gate. Luckily a group of laid-back guys were around to casually free him with a hatchet. When he doesn't run off, they try to guess what he wants—he obviously just wants to hang, guys.

Woman Hits Moose With Car After Sister Hits Moose With Car

Lauri Apple · 08/29/11 11:08PM

The moose of Canada are stalking and haunting Connie Evirett and Yvonne Studley, two car-driving sisters from British Columbia. Last month Studley, 49, had a car accident involving one of the beasts; the melee left her in a coma, and the moose in a moose coffin. Then, while on the way to the hospital to visit her younger sister, 51-year-old Evirett had a moose/car accident of her own.