Dad Gets Brain Injury From Headbanging to Motörhead

Aleksander Chan · 07/03/14 09:25PM

It is possible to rock too hard. Doctors at Hannover Medical School in Germany treated a 50-year-old man earlier this year complaining of constant headaches that were only getting worse. He had no history of head injuries or drug problems, but told doctors that he had been headbanging at a Motörhead concert with his son the month before. After scanning his head, doctors found a brain bleed.

Loud, Coarse Motorhead Legend to be Featured in Surprisingly Loud, Coarse Documentary

STV · 05/22/08 07:00PM

Where to even start when discussing a documentary about Lemmy Kilmister, the legendary Motorhead frontman and apparent subject of a forthcoming film appropriately enough titled Lemmy? Even the fucking co-directors don't even know, with filmmaker Greg Olliver telling Billboard today: "Shooting Lemmy is like filming dangerous wildlife. He never does what you expect him to do, and he never does anything you want him to do." Olliver's partner, Wes Orshoski, agreed: "Lemmy never ceases to surprise me. ... You think you know who Lemmy is, but you have no idea. If you think you have Lemmy all figured out, trust me. You don't!" Actually... we think we might.