Watch a Streaker Upstage Hayden Panettiere at the MTV EMAs

Matt Cherette · 11/06/11 07:16PM

The MTV Europe Music Awards (aka the VMAs but with cooler accents) took place today in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Major winners included Lady Gaga, who came dressed up as several versions of the Pixar lamp, and alleged teen mom Justin Bieber. How predictable! One thing EMA viewers didn't see coming, however, was the completely naked man who rushed the stage during a presentation by Hayden Panettiere, who managed to appear shocked despite the fact she probably knew it was going to happen. The NSFW video is above.

Eva Longoria Should Never Rap Again

Maureen O'Connor · 10/18/10 02:25PM

To promote MTV Europe's music awards, a swimsuit- and stiletto-clad Eva Longoria recorded a chest-thumping version of the kind of "rap" kindergarteners do: "Yo, I'm Eva Longoria! / This is the story-a! / Something-something-something Astoria!" Prepare to cringe.