Trax Read: Listen to an Exclusive Mungolian Jetset Mix

Max Read · 08/15/12 09:12AM

Mungolian Jetset — producers Pål Nyhus (also known as DJ Strangefruit) and Knut Sævik — have always had, for better or worse, a reputation as the jokers of the small but talent-dense Norwegian house community — the weirdest, shaggiest members of a weird, shaggy scene. It's not an undeserved reputation. Their tracks are credited elaborately (to, for example, "Mungolian Jet Set's 16th Rebels Of Mung"), titles beset with parentheses ("Milano Model (A Thrilling Mungophony In Two Parts)"); their production is deep and maximalist and completely unafraid of goofing off. "Our sound is rooted in club culture," Nyhus says. "But more influences are being put into it. A dinosaur version of club culture. Like, real dinosaurs."