Egg-Pelting Hooligan Attacks Beyonce's Trailer Park Video Set

Maureen O'Connor · 08/04/11 02:46PM

Literally breaking: A "rowdy 23-year-old" snuck onto the set of Beyonce's music video set in a trailer park and screamed, "I can be a better dancer!" then threw an egg at a cop. So, the trespasser was either a wannabe backup dancer who just happened to have a raw egg in his pocket (comes in handy for spontaneous souffle-offs) or someone who is a better dancer than Beyonce. Baryshnikov, maybe.

Rebecca Black Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Her New Music Video

Matt Cherette · 07/21/11 01:11AM

On Monday, Rebecca Black assaulted us with the music video for her latest single, "My Moment." Now, behold its behind-the-scenes counterpart. In this clip, Rebecca talks about wardrobe fittings (fun!), dancing (so glad to be getting back into it!), kids struggling with bullying (she knows how you feel!) and more. Is her moment over with yet?

Rebecca Black's New Single Is Here

Adrian Chen · 07/18/11 04:19PM

Here it is, Rebecca Black's new single: "This Is My Moment." That she released it on a Monday says a lot about how ready she is to move past "Friday." Good luck with that!

Beyonce Strips Down for 'Best Thing I Never Had' Music Video

Matt Cherette · 07/07/11 10:36PM

Here's the brand new music video for Beyonce's latest single, "Best Thing I Never Had." A stark contrast from her over-the-top video for "Run The World (Girls)," the new effort features a lingerie-clad Beyonce on her wedding day congratulating herself for the decision to dump her cheating ex, thereby making room for her new husband-to-be. She's pretty, she sounds great, and she's marrying the man of her dreams. How bad can that be?

The Guy Who Brought You Rebecca Black Has a Brand New Act

Adrian Chen · 07/01/11 10:59AM

Patrice Wilson, CEO of Ark Music Factory and the man responsible for Rebecca Black, has had a busy week: He just premiered the music video of his newest artist, Lexi St. George, on Good Morning America. We spoke to him about the surprising success that's come from "Friday," the most-hated YouTube video of all time.

James Franco's First Music Video Is as Ridiculous as You Imagined

Brian Moylan · 06/29/11 11:14AM

James Franco is like that pretentious guy in your freshman dorm that you talk to because he's hot, and he's always going on about acting and writing short stories and all his other artistic pursuits even though he's not particularly good at any of them. And of course he's in a band, too. Of course.

Britney Spears Murders Paparazzi in New Music Video

Matt Cherette · 06/22/11 03:18AM

Here's the music video for Britney Spears' new single, "I Wanna Go," which also happens to be the song that Bravo chose to use in its summer promos. In the video, Spears curses out reporters at a press conference before escaping. She's then followed around by cyborg paparazzi and tries to kill them with a swinging microphone before escaping, again, and dancing around a convertible in a polka dot bikini top. Fun! Or something. [via ONTD]

Friday Saved by Reappearance of Rebecca Black Video

Adrian Chen · 06/17/11 10:15AM

After we learned that Rebecca Black's "Friday" had been removed from YouTube due to a legal squabble, we vowed that today would be our last Friday ever. What's the point of living in a world without this video? But it's back, and better (?) than ever.

Lady Gaga's New Music Video Is a Dance Party of One

Matt Cherette · 06/16/11 08:31PM

Tonight's So You Think You Can Dance promised a "world exclusive" of the music video for Lady Gaga's new single, "The Edge of Glory," but it cut off after just a couple of minutes. Luckily, the video's full version is already online—and embedded above—for your enjoyment and/or criticism.

This Is the Worst Music Video We've Seen All Week

Matt Cherette · 06/03/11 03:16AM

At the beginning of the music video for her new single, "I Don't Wanna Be a Crappy Housewife," Norwegian "recording artist" Tonje Langeteig laments, "Hi, my name is Tonje. I'm a little pretty girl trapped inside a grownup's body." That's pretty much when things go the Rebecca Black route—and fast. There's even an inexplicable rap solo. Enjoy! [via WOW]

Here's Beyonce's Over-The-Top New Music Video

Matt Cherette · 05/18/11 09:21PM

Here's the brand new music video for Beyonce's "Run The World (Girls)." It has all the makings of a great Beyonce video—lots of sexy outfits and booty shaking, for example—but ultimately falls victim to a "more is better!" mindset. Because, come on, do we really need a fierce girl army, dangerous animals on leashes, and exploding cars all in one place?

Here's the Sexy New Britney Spears Video

Matt Cherette · 04/06/11 02:22AM

At 3:00 AM today, Britney Spears tweeted a link to the music video for her new single, "Till The World Ends," which is basically four minutes of a sexy, mid-apocalyptic dance session between Spears and a horde of hangers-on.

Conan O'Brien: Rebecca Black Ripped Me Off!

Matt Cherette · 03/21/11 11:40PM

On tonight's episode, Conan O'Brien announced that he was "pretty mad at this Rebecca Black person." Why? Because she ripped him off! According to O'Brien, Black's "Friday" is a total copy of his song, "Thursday." Here's the music video.

Is This the Worst Music Video Ever?

Matt Cherette · 03/12/11 07:41PM

If you can stomach it—I'm not exaggerating—here's the music video for teen "artist" Rebecca Black's "Friday," which has been exploding all over the Internet this weekend. My pug could write better lyrics. And my pug is dumb.