The War on Smoking Heats Up

cityfile · 01/27/10 11:22AM

Hope all you smokers enjoyed the (temporary, unofficial) lifting of the city's smoking ban while it lasted. A couple of weeks after the front page of the Times' Sunday Styles section pointed out that the city wasn't doing much to enforce the law, and now the Health Department is taking action. It's now moving to shut down five clubs—The Box, M2, Lit Lounge, Southside, and the Imperial—after an "undercover sting" revealed repeated violations. And it says it's planning to crack down on other clubs and bars in the coming weeks. [NYDN]

Happy News from Bloomberg's Nanny State

cityfile · 01/26/10 08:46AM

Mayor Bloomberg's war on smoking, transfat, sugary drinks, and salt must be paying off! The city's Department of Health reports the life expectancy for babies born in NYC stands at 79.4 years, which is up five months from 2006 and 19 months from 2001. [NYDN, NYP]