Book Cashing in On Ashley Dupre's 'Fame' Arrives

Sheila · 11/24/08 05:53PM

How convenient that former $2,000 an hour girl Natalie McLennan's escorting memoir is being released tomorrow, hot on the heels of Spitzer escort Ashley Dupre's tearful Dianne Sawyer interview! Sometimes, it's just synergy, sometimes it's just luck. Kind of like the time a website sprung up "accusing" her of ratting out her former friend/call girl comrade Ashley Dupre to law enforcement officials, which resulted in a nice Page Six item. (The guest column a few days later was gravy.) For someone who's in a line of work that makes publicity dangerous, McLennan has always known how to work the press; she made the cover of New York magazine in 2005. Now that her book is finally out pretty much the only thing anyone cares about is the Ashley Dupre stuff. So, what does it say? Well. Frankly, it's mostly pornographic! So if you're offended by hottt XXX lesbian action, please do not click here.

How Much a $2,000-an-Hour Hooker Actually Takes Home

Sheila · 11/13/08 12:53PM

Was the Page Six item about semi-famous, media-savvy retired escort Natalie McLennan—and the anonymous website that sprung up accusing her of informing on Spitzer's hooker Ashley Dupre—just a timely form of PR placement? After all, the former call girl has a book coming out November 25, The Price: My Life as Natalia, New York's $2000 an Hour Escort. And we've got a copy of the book proposal. The tone in the excerpts is a bit flip, low on any serious, raw introspection. But if anyone is interested in the economic breakdown of how a high-class call girl makes her living—she doesn't keep nearly all of the money herself—here's her explanation of the take-home pay of a two-grand girl.

Jennifer Aniston Speaks, Madonna's 'Broken Home'

cityfile · 11/12/08 06:58AM

♦ Jennifer Aniston is finally speaking out about her breakup with Brad Pitt. In the December issue of Vogue, she says what Angelina Jolie did was "really uncool," and that she had no idea that Brad had cheated on her until she read about it afterwards. [MSNBC, NYP]
♦ The security guard who roughed-up Brad Pitt at the premiere of his own movie on Monday night says he was only trying to protect Brad by helping him get away from a pack of aggressive photographers. [ET, NYP]
♦ Madonna is supposedly considering a career as a movie director so she can "rival" her ex, Guy Ritchie, at least according to her nutty brother Christopher Ciccone. She should have more time to pursue a directing career if she chooses to: Officials in Malawi have said she can "forget" about adopting another baby as long as she plans to bring it into a "broken home." [The Sun, MSNBC]
♦ Billy Ray Cyrus says he is trying to get Malia and Sasha Obama to appear in an episode of Hannah Montana. [NYDN]

Ashley Dupre's First Days As A Hooker

Ryan Tate · 09/22/08 02:29AM

Natalie McLennan is the self-proclaimed high-end hooker whose statements in a 2005 New York magazine cover story helped get her convicted on prostitution-related charges last year. Now that she's done her time, McLennan is free to tell all in a new book. And, what do you know, just like her onetime pimp Jason Itzler, McLennan just happens to have unearthed from her memory some sexy new stories to tell about Ashley Dupre, famed hooker to former Gov. Eliot Spitzer and a former working girl alongside McLennan. The tales were excerpted in the Post Sunday, alongside a racy picture (left). They involve cocaine and the rapper Nas: