Michael Wolff/Rush Limbaugh

Gawker · 04/15/03 09:33AM

The Nation recently reported that right-wing radio show host Rush Limbaugh unleashed his listeners on New York mag's media critic Michael Wolff for complaining that CentCom briefings were not useful. Wolff got 3,000 hate emails from Limbaugh listeners. I, in return, provided Mr. Limbaugh's email address, for anyone who felt like defending Mr. Wolff. Predictably, I got hate mail as well, and despite my usual masochistic impulse to publish what little hate mail we do receive, I declined because most of it consisted of compelling arguments like, "I tape all of Limbaugh's shows every day, and he never said that! You're a moron, you stupid prick!" (You tape all of Limbaugh's shows every day, and I'm the moron? I'm sorry; your logic eludes me.)

Who owns what

Gawker · 01/18/03 04:07PM

A confession: we can't keep up with the media congomerates, and are always forgetting who owns Us Weekly. Here are a set of links to useful data and charts. Still missing: a database which, when a magazine title or TV network is plugged in to the search box, produces the parent company in the result.
· Big Ten [a chart, from The Nation]
· Who Owns What [exhaustive listing, from the CJR]
· Media Ownership 2001 [a graphical indictment of media concentration, from]
· 100 leading media companies [ranked by revenue, from Advertising Age]
· Media giants [a chart, from PBS]
· Resources [a list of other databases, tables and charts, from I Want Media]