Ladies: Neal Boulton Was Not Hitting On You, OK?

Sheila · 07/30/08 09:22AM

Listen: former Men's Fitness and current editor of gay mag Genre, fameball Neal Boulton, loves both men and women. He can't help it. He'll flirt with anyone, which occasionally lands him on Page Six due to amorous allegations from his former hot French nanny, etc. Now, more problems: "Some angry jealous girl wrote me that she was going to plaster gossip all over the blogs about me being all over a ton of women at one of my local bars," he writes us. So he beat her to the punch, apparently: "Here is an open letter." Memo to all ladies: please stop hitting on Neal, as he is just not that into you (he's married, both to a woman and "[his] work"). No matter what went down at the bar last night:

Neal Boulton Hates Homophobic Bullies

Sheila · 06/06/08 10:40AM

The editor of gay mag Genre is a lover of both men and women, a rocker, an editor/consultant, and now... a fighter. While stepping in to defend gay rights against some meatheads at a bar the other night, he fought valiantly but still got a beatdown! "I hate bullies," Neal tells us. "But I hate homophobic bullies even more so I stepped in. Got my ass kicked but at least I gave the bastard a good fight he won't forget." An account of the fight from a tipster:

Neal Boulton, Rocker

Sheila · 03/26/08 02:11PM

Editor. Fighter. Consultant. Lover of men and women. Is there anything that Neal Boulton, editor of gay mag Genre, is not? Apparently no, according to this tip that not only showcased a new side of Neal, but explained his narrative thus far: "Easter Sunday we saw him and his band performing in Dumbo at a park... who knew the guy could get up and play guitar and fucking sing Springsteen and shit. Can you please out me to my girlfriend so that she will begin to want to have more sex with me. Better, can you out me so that she breaks up with me so that I can go out and pick up more women!?"

Homo Xtra's Relaunch Shaping Up to Be a Catfight

Sheila · 03/25/08 03:55PM

The relaunch of free bar mag Homo Xtra ("the totally biased, politically incorrect party paper") is turning into a hair-pulling match, spilling into the streets of Queerty with stories of secret meetings and whatnot. Like a trannie fight (which we use as a comparison only because Boulton is proudly macho!), it's super high-pitched and confusing. As told to Queerty, "It's bullshit that Matthew Bank listens to everything Neal Boulton tells him to do like a puppy dog (like fire Matthew Farris!). They have secret meetings that everyone can overhear." Sounds like someone—besides every single mediagay in town—might be mad at Genre gay-mag editor Neal Boulton, who's a consultant for HX's relaunch. Quite possibly for his free-spirited bisexual ways? We asked Boulton to explain the accusations about trouble at HX and he did, entertainingly, ending with, "I did not, and I want you to listen this now, have a Prada suit from last year on last week."

'Straight-Acting' vs. Masculine Gays?

Sheila · 03/24/08 04:08PM

Neal Boulton, editor of gay men's mag Genre, appears on CBS News on Logo to talk about straight-acting gays. The great debate: are they just "masculine," or have they been bullied by a homophobic culture into acting straight? "I don't think there's anything feminine about being a gay man... there's nothing feminine about it," he says emphatically. For those keeping track, Boulton sounds like a real good time: he describes himself as gay, and edits a gay magazine, but also shags women. (So: bi?) In an email, he adds, "Fuck the feminine stereotypes. It's not like men who like men are BORN swishing down the street. Those were old signals used to clue other guys in to who they were." [Logo]


Nick Denton · 02/22/08 04:44PM

Anyone have an internal email confirming the closure of Genre? We've had a couple of tips, and the newspaper's editors aren't taking calls. (The only people mourning the moribund gay title's demise, apart from the staff, will be the strippers of all sexes who have benefited from the generosity of proudly pan-sexual editor, Neal Boulton.) Update: Damn. False alarm. Boulton, a special friend of Rolling Stone supremo Jann Wenner, writes in to say Genre is walking taller and stronger than ever before. (Don't push it, mate.)

Gay Magazine Editor Not Completely Gay, Shockingly

Ryan Tate · 02/04/08 08:35PM

Gay magazine editor Neal Boulton keeps pissing off certain gays who think he's just not gay enough, and now they've worked themselves up into a lather over Boulton's latest and possibly worst-ever attack on the gay community, which is that he's moved back in with his wife and the mother of his child. Also, he's taking his wife on dates, and might be hooking up with other women to boot, allegedly including the one at left. Boulton insisted he was "quite gay" in November after he was spotted spending the weekend at his wife's place and emphasized that she was "the mother of my children." But of course Boulton is shamefully not gay at all, as proven conclusively by an anonymous email to the website Queerty, excerpted after the jump.

Gay Man Attacked For Not Being Gay Enough, Despite Gay Gayness

Pareene · 11/02/07 09:25AM

Necessary annotations: "FORMER Men's Fitness editor Neal Boulton, who sprinted out of the closet this year when he [bizarrely claimed to Page Six that he] made out with Jann Wenner outside the Time Warner Center, is [inexplicably claiming to Page Six that he was] harassed—for acting too straight. "Some p - - - ed-off gay-activist types bombarded me over the weekend as I walked hand in hand with my children. One threatened to call Page Six to 'out me' as a straight fraud," Boulton, who now edits gay-lifestyle magazine Genre, told [Page Six, again, for God knows what reason]."

Don't Call Me Straight! [NYP]

abalk · 07/26/07 10:06AM

"In April, the New York Post had the former Men's Fitness editor "cannoodling" with Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner, who denied cheating on his partner, Matt Nye. The paper also quoted Bolton as saying he was "probably splitsville" with [wife] Clare. Yesterday, Boulton denied that quote and said he and Clare were solid - though he admitted marrying her because 'I wanted to have some kids.'" [R&M]

Did Jann Wenner Make Sure His Son's Wedding Announcement Didn't Go Online?

Doree Shafrir · 07/03/07 01:40PM

As I perused the New York Times Weddings section on Sunday under the watchful eye of my mother ("Do you know that girl? I thought you might know her. Didn't you go to college with that guy? He's young! I didn't know he was a lawyer!" OMG, shut up, Mom! I'm never coming home again!), I noticed one Alexander Wenner's wedding announcement. He got married in the Hamptons! He's 22! He was an intern at Electronic Arts, the video-game designer! But then when we went to post about it yesterday, it was, mysteriously, not online! Was Jann worried that the internets would post about his son? Hmm! Anyway, we've reproduced the announcement, so you wouldn't miss it. Also, his son really looks like a video game designer, but my mom and dad don't have a scanner (Google Image Search was no help), so you'll just have to trust us on this one. (He doesn't really look like Jann, though. So no help!)

Doree Shafrir · 05/23/07 04:52PM

In what could have been one of Neal Boulton's final decisions as editor, Men's Fitness gave Andy Roddick 22-inch guns on the cover of their new issue. [ETP]

Neal Boulton To Become Next Michael Pollan

Emily · 05/16/07 03:04PM

Confused, confusing Neal Boulton is out as the editor of Men's Fitness, but he's not going to sit around twiddling his thumbs. That book he alluded to in his departure announcement is going to become a reality. It absolutely, totally is. ""I'll be dropping off the proposal on Friday [with William Morris agent Jason Fox]," Boulton told Keith Kelly. "It's a lot more than a theoretical idea to do a book someday." The voluminous proposal's working title is Inside the Politics that Keep America Fat, which sounds like a surefire hit, especially since Neal has so much more name recognition now. But we'd still be a little bit more interested in reading a book called Inside the Politics That Keep Gay Men Married To Lesbian Wives. Maybe he'll get a two-book deal!

Organic Recycling [NYP]

Neal Boulton Out At 'Men's Fitness' (And Gym)

Doree · 05/14/07 03:24PM

AdAge reports that alleged Jann Wenner paramour Neal Boulton is out as the editor of Men's Fitness; his replacement is Roy Johnson, who took over "temporarily" while Boulton was in the hospital with a mysterious stomach ailment. (Radar speculated a couple weeks ago that Johnson would be taking over for good.) Couple odd things here! One is that Boulton is leaving, the company announced, to "write a book and pursue his humanitarian issues, such as obesity." Obesity as a humanitarian issue! It's one of our favorites, too. More interesting is that this whole Jann Wenner business may have been a figment of someone's imagination.

Jann Wenner's Alleged Lover In The Hospital

Doree · 04/16/07 02:13PM

Neal Boulton, editor of Men's Fitness and the man Page Six describes as Jann Wenner's sex-squire, has been laid up at St. Vincent's since Thursday night. Last week he went in with what he thought was a stomach ailment but has turned out to be something much more potentially serious; a prognosis is forthcoming, but Boulton is telling friends and associates that he could be in for up to 4 weeks. (That's what that Weider Publications insurance gets you!) Of course, this raises some important questions. First, we wonder when Page Six spoke to Boulton to confirm his new and tiny love, since he's been laid up for at least the past few days. And second, who will bring Boulton flowers? Jann? Boulton's wife? Matt Nye?

Say Hello To Jann Wenner's New Friend

balk · 04/16/07 09:44AM

Page Six steps up to the plate this morning with some hard—and, no doubt, extensively vetted—gossip. Seems that Jann Wenner