Stop Spreading Rumors About Demi Lovato's Rumored Sex Tape

Adrian Chen · 12/19/10 12:00PM

Everyone: Demi Lovato doesn't have a sex tape! Lady Gaga is excited about DADT being gone. Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson have dinner. How did Taylor and Jake meet!? Some Gossip Girl Gossip. Sunday gossip roundup!

The Bad Luck Tale of Donal Logue

Richard Lawson · 12/06/10 05:09PM

The dude just can't seem to make it happen. Sad thing. Also today: the return of Chris Tucker, Neil Patrick Harris gets an interesting gig, and a comedy about politics seems redundant.

Famous Gay Couples We Want to See Tie The Knot

Brian Moylan · 08/05/10 03:34PM

A California judge ruled yesterday that preventing gays from getting married is unconstitutional. But nothing in Cali matters until a celebrity does it! Here are the brides-and-brides and grooms-and-grooms we'd like to see exercising their new right to wed.

The Smurfs Movie: What's Old Is New, Apparently

Richard Lawson · 06/17/10 08:54AM

Here's a very brief teaser trailer for the upcoming live-action/animation hybrid movie The Smurfs, based on the totally smurfy cartoon series from 198smurf. It mostly stars Michael Musto and looks... well, appropriately dated.

Glee: Dream Until Your Dream Comes True

Brian Moylan · 05/19/10 12:15PM

The band of lovable losers in the McKinley High glee club sure has lots of aspirations and they were all called into question. But how do they get their dreams back on track? With song! Duh.

HIMYM Reveals 4th Doppleganger at Robots Vs. Wrestlers

Whitney Jefferson · 05/11/10 12:41PM

The gang attended party filled with notable media-folk (like Will Shortz and Arianna Huffington) where Ted felt he'd found his people, Lily and Marshall addressed their baby-fever, and most importantly, headed to "Robots Vs. Wrestlers," where they discovered Ted's look-alike.