Wow—You Like the Mets? Wow. 

Hamilton Nolan · 10/12/15 10:45AM

Wow—you like the Mets? Okay—congrats. A thousand apologies for my failure to immediately fall to my knees and worship your great moral courage.

Everything You Need to Know About R.A. Dickey, the Man Who Throws Baseball's Best and Strangest Pitch

Jack Dickey · 09/28/12 04:45PM

R.A. Dickey, a starting pitcher for the New York Mets, earned his 20th win of the season two nights ago. Now everyone is talking about him, and you are standing off to the side smiling and nodding like an idiot because you thought the Met was a museum. You're a nerd, it's fine, but we wanted to help you out: Here, Deadspin's Jack Dickey (no relation, just obsession) breaks down the wonder that is R.A. Dickey's 2012 season.

Masochism and the Mets Fan

Anthony De Rosa · 04/06/10 12:52PM

They're not the Cubs, their futility does not go quite that deep. Cubs fans have a special brand of loserdom that is part of their very fabric.

abalk · 10/01/07 04:00PM

"As they prep for a 13th straight playoff appearance, the New York Yankees have signed with CAA to help them pursue opportunities such as long-term corporate sponsorships for the team's new stadium...." In a related move, the Mets blew a seven game lead with seventeen games to play and made this little boy cry. [NYP]

New Mets Stadium, Rotation of Earth, Provokes Andrea Peyser's Ire

abalk2 · 11/14/06 01:50PM

Andrea Peyser is pissed off. She's usually angry about something, but today what's got her knickers in a twist (sorry for that mental image) is the naming of the new stadium in which the Mets will play. As is so often the case in the sporting world these days, the Mets have sold naming rights to a corporation. This does not sit well at all with Ms. P.

BREAKING: Jewish Professional Athlete Actually Jewish

gdelahaye · 08/28/06 01:30PM

We went to baseball camp one summer but we only made it through half of the first day. The morning was all sunshine and great American past-time, but after lunch they hosed down second base and wanted us to practice sliding. In mud! We were horrified, and we walked home crying. Note to kids: do not wear brand new Paper Denims to first day at baseball camp.

Local Sports Figure Struck In Sensitive Area

abalk2 · 08/01/06 02:00PM

We're all about exceeding expectations and reaching the broadest possible audience here at Gawker. We realize that some of you might have found our previous post on media softball too highbrow; intense parodies of magazine features and memos from the late Harold Ross can be heavy going, especially on a day like today. So for those of you who felt left out by the previous logorrhea, we offer the following clip: It's quick, it requires no reading, and, best of all, it shows a man getting hit in the nuts by a baseball. Enjoy.

Breaking News: Pedro Gardens!

Jesse · 05/09/06 12:58PM

We can't shake the feeling that there's basically no news going on today. Judging by the bottom half of its front page, the Times clearly agrees.

The Metropolitans Pretend That People Actually Like Them

abalk2 · 03/23/06 12:17PM

Adfreak reports on the new campaign by New York's woeful National League franchise: The Mets have a series of radio ads in which celebrities claim that the team's skyrocketing popularity has cost them their seats at Shea. The first two ads have starred envelope-opening presenter Jon Stewart and stretching-the-definition-of-celebrity John Leguizamo. While Adfreak seems somewhat dubious about the campaign's efficacy, we're slightly more upbeat: Anything that guarantees us we'll be somewhere that Leguizamo isn't certainly gets our attention.