10 Pieces of Furniture You Probably Don’t Need But Should Look at Anyway

Freshome · 10/02/12 02:59PM

Boring desks and soul-sucking overhead lamps can often prohibit a person from achieving true office or apartment zen. Below are ten ingenious and multi-functional pieces of furniture created by designers who obviously know how to take a fresh idea to the next level. Will they fit in your apartment? Perhaps not. Are they fun to look at? Oh, yes.

Mila Kunis Agrees to Go On Date With YouTube Marine

Richard Lawson · 07/11/11 02:02PM

A month ago, Sgt. Scott Moore, a US Marine stationed in Afghanistan, posted a video on YouTube in which he asks hot-actress-of-the-moment Mila Kunis to be his date to the Marine Corps Ball this November. And now she's said yes!

Flight Attendant Gets In Pillow Fight, Does Not Flee Plane

Richard Lawson · 08/13/10 10:31AM

As a reminder that sometimes air travel can be fun and freak-out free, here's a video of a Lufthansa flight attendant playfully pillow fighting with her passengers, somewhere between Tel Aviv and Frankfurt. Everyone laughs! No one disembarks! Peace.

Nice Lady Does Nice Thing, Looks Nice

Richard Lawson · 01/28/10 03:39PM

[Sometimes pictures are just... nice. Here's Julianne Moore at CS 154, celebrating some sort of Save the Children Valentine's Day contest. I like that Randi Weingarten (apparently!) is talking to a student instead of gawping at the movie star. Getty]