Happy Birthday

cityfile · 01/28/10 06:51AM

The man calling the shots at the new New York Times, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, is celebrating his birthday today: He's 70. (Let's hope Arthur Sulzberger Jr. didn't forget to send a gift.) French president Nicolas Sarkozy is turning 55. Elijah Wood turns 29 today. Sarah McLachlan is 42. Alan Alda is turning 74. Writer/comedian Mo Rocca is 41. Liberal radio host Randi Rhodes is 51. Rick Warren, the controversial pastor and self-help author, is turning 56. The rapper Rakim turns 42. Former 'N Sync member Joey Fatone is 33. And former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter turns 30 today.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 01/28/09 07:30AM

Bon anniversaire, monsieur le président! France's Nicolas Sarkozy turns 54 today. The most popular man at the New York Times, Mexican billionaire—and NYT investor—Carlos Slim Helú, is 69. Elijah Wood is 28. Actor Alan Alda is 73. Comedian Mo Rocca is turning 40. Nick Carter is turning 29. Sarah McLachlan is 41. Joey Fatone is 32. The rapper Rakim is 41. And power-hungry, homophobic pastor Rick Warren is celebrating 55 years on God's green earth today.


cityfile · 10/29/08 11:26AM

Jessica Simpson heading out on the town after an event at Macy's ... Martin Scorsese outside the Waverly Inn ... Matthew Broderick walking in the Village with son James ... Keira Knightley and Guillaume Canet kissing on the set of their new movie in the Meatpacking District ... Katie Holmes holding an umbrella outside her East Village building ... Pink, Nick Carter, and A.J. McLean posing outside MTV ... America Ferrera and Becki Newton on the set of Ugly Betty ... Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman leaving their hotel ... Mandy Moore standing outside the Waverly Inn ... Marcia Cross posing for photos outside the Letterman show ... Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson arriving at JFK, then leaving Citrine after a night of partying.

Help Nick Carter Save The Awareness Of Dolphins!

mark · 05/18/07 05:07PM

Famous People Care!™ Day continues at Defamer with the announcement that Nick Carter, late of the Backstreet Boys and of having sexual relations with L.A. County's sparkliest prisoner-to-be, is partnering with the United Nations so that you'll know more about dolphins and junk! Really, that's all we've got on this one, as the random pairing of obscure cause and D-list personage should provide more than enough entertainment without further commentary.

Every Time You Fight Me, I Run Away from You

Chris Mohney · 10/03/06 10:50AM

Ode to cowardly love? No, it somehow becomes an accusation from the lips of Aaron Carter, leveled at his brother and former Backstreet Boy Nick, after one of the sorriest, most embarrassing, and apparently most ineffectual beatdowns ever (almost) captured on video. Damned closing door! Apparently there was something to that Aaron-Nick erotic torment over Paris Hilton, after all. Anyway, here's to a blatantly charming viral meant to build buzz for E!'s House of Carters by running footage with unbleeped profanity.