All The Girls Standing In Line for the Bathroom, Captured on Film

Sheila · 05/20/08 04:21PM

Everyone's ankling the New York Times establishment today: our roving photographer, the alarmingly tall Nikola Tamindzic, is profiled in the paper's City Room blog. What makes his photos special? "I don't judge my subjects... I like that hour between three and four in the morning when desperation sets in, when you see all the anticipation of going out starting to fade. The masks drop and everybody realizes the night is not going to be everything they were hoping for." [NYT] [Photo: Nikola for Home of the Vain]

How to Be All Up In Da Club!

Sheila · 02/21/08 12:31PM

Michael Musto tells us how to be a "nightclub star" in his latest Village Voice blog! His advice is quite thrifty: "Track down the person with the free drink tickets and tell them you love their outfit," and "wear your absolutely shittiest coat. This way you can just drape it on a banquette rather than check it (thereby saving three bucks). Better yet, flirt with the DJ—no doubt named John—and he'll let you leave it in his booth. " Or do what I do: wear a cheap, ridiculous wig, and surround yourself with crazies. [La Daily Musto]

abalk · 06/04/07 10:15AM

Nikola Tamindzic "shoots some of the most amazing pictures you have ever seen of drunks and naked people." [FashionIndie]

Fashion Week: Heatherette

Emily Gould · 02/07/07 12:10PM

Gawker shutterperson Nikola Tamindzic followed the yellow brick road to Heatherette's Wizard of Oz themed show, which starred Lydia Hearst as Dorothy and Amanda Lepore as Glinda the Good Witch. You read that right: Wizard of Oz themed. "We just need to figure out a way to gay it up a bit. But HOW?" we imagine Richie Rich brainstorming. Anyway, Neel Shah was there, which pretty much says it all. If this is somehow still not enough for you, Nikola's got your gay gay gay ass covered with more here.

Gawker Photog Huge in the 'Voice'

Chris Mohney · 12/13/06 02:55PM

Best Nightlife Photographer: I'm completely biased because he's one of my good friends, but that doesn't really stop other award givers, does it? It's my party, and Gawker's Nikola Tamindzic wins. His photos are beautiful mini-masterpieces that make everyone look better.