Stephen Colbert Mocks the Nissan Leaf and the Lonely People Who Drive It

Matt Cherette · 07/28/11 01:27AM

Tonight, Stephen Colbert opened the Report with talk of an imminent due date. No, not Tuesday's debt deadline, the one tomorrow night on Facebook for drivers of Nissan's electric car, the Leaf, to submit ideas for an official gesture to "wave" at fellow owners on the road. Which is lame and sad, of course, but nothing compared to the secondhand embarrassment you'll feel after making it to the end of Colbert's segment.

Buy a Nissan, Gain a Polar Bear

Sarah Prial · 11/02/10 10:49AM

The Nissan Leaf electric car is here and not only is it stopping global warming it's creating friendships! Watch this polar bear wander through the country. He's not lost, he just wants a friend! Buy a Leaf, be his friend! vs. the French government (and the automaker, too)

Nicholas Carlson · 11/28/07 04:57PM

Freakonomics coauthor Steven Levitt posits that the no matter who first claims a domain name, the Web address will ultimately end up in the hands of the party most of us would expect. This is because the brand you know likely values domain names associated with its brand the most. Apple, for example, made sure to acquire, even though it cost more than $1 million. The Coase Theorem, as it's called, works in that case, but Levitt asked readers to come up with exceptions. Which were the most notable?