Entire East Side Falling Apart!

Pareene · 06/10/08 01:53PM

Cranes collapsing! Threatened power outages! Scary parades full of rowdy Spanish-speaking people! Manhattan's East Side is a veritable third-world country this week! Now, our Midtown East correspondent Ray Wert reports that, uh, "boulder-sized pieces of buildings" are falling from his apartment onto cars below. Seriously! A piece fell onto a BMW 3-Series (he edits Jalopnik, you know). His only advice is to avoid both the area and East Coast Restoration. MORE DETAILS HERE. WE WILL UPDATE AS THE SITUATION WARRANTS. STAY INDOORS. DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS. IMAGE OF THE DISASTER HERE AND BELOW.

Good News

Rebecca · 03/11/08 10:38AM

"Red Hook Ballfield Vendors Get 6-Year Permit"—South Brooklyn hipsters and Mexican immigrants rejoice. [Curbed]

Won't Somebody Help Homeless Kaity Tong?

JonLiu · 11/26/07 01:30PM

Here's a late update on the horrific story that's been riveting our city's leading citizens for close to half a year now: CW11 News at 10 anchoress Kaity Tong remains homeless after being chased out of her Chelsea duplex in July by some sort of killer toxic mold unleashed by the ongoing condo conversion of the O'Neill Building next door. Tong—who's persevered over the decades as the classy, saucy jewel of New York's local-news crown, even through such trying times as the traffic-helicopter arms race of the mid-90s and the "my Doppler is doper than yours" weather wars of the late-90s—has been forced to bunk down with husband Patrick Callahan in a $600-a-night room at the Gramercy Park Hotel. Which, needless to say, is no place for this foxiest of fourth-estate cougars!

Emily Gould · 11/06/07 10:30AM

Reactions to the MTA's proposed fare hike ($2.25/ride, unspecified increases to monthly and weekly metrocards, and higher prices for LIRR and Metro-North tix): "Hell no," "I find it ridiculous," and "Ladies and gentlemen, fuhgeddaboutit!" (that last from Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. Does he have any other purpose?). The increase will most likely happen anyway, starting early next year. Because you don't matter. [NYP]