This will not stand. No. It certainly will not. Do you think Chris Christie, honorable governor of the state of New Jersey, is just some sort of toilet man?

Absurd. But it is impossible to conclude anything other than “Officials of the Republican National Committee firmly believe that Chris Christie is a big old pooper boy” when you examine the facts contained in this story in THE POLITICO detailing the outrageous iniquities of green room assignments to various campaigns for tonight’s Republican presidential debate. Forsooth:

Trump was granted a spacious room, complete with plush chairs and a flat-screen TV. Marco Rubio got a theater-type room, packed with leather seats for him and his team of aides. Carly Fiorina’s room had a Jacuzzi.

Then there was Chris Christie, whose small space was dominated by a toilet.

Are we to suppose, then, that the leading logistical officials of America’s Republican Party consider former United States prosecutor Christopher Christie to be nothing more than a poop butt toilet water drinking bathroom rubber duckie playtime boy? Because that is what the facts are telling us.

Utter rubbish.

[Photo of future United States President Christopher Christie: AP]