Photo: AP

In January, Ted Cruz suggested “spanking” Hillary Clinton for not calling Benghazi a terrorist attack. And at a campaign rally on Sunday, Cruz once again advocated a hands-on approach to discipline, this time in response to a young protester yelling, “You suck!”

“In my household, when a child behaved that way, they’d get a spanking,” said Cruz, according to Time correspondent Phil Elliot.

It’s an odd topic for a presidential candidate to keep mentioning. One possible explanation is that spanking advocacy is an easy way to annoy leftist critics while entertaining his base. Another is that spanking is so common in the Cruz house it just naturally comes up a lot.

“Pass the salt (and you will not be spanked),” Ted might tell his wife.

“Will do (as long as you do not spank me),” Heidi might reply.

What, other than lying about Benghazi and protesting campaign events, earns a spanking in their household? We’ve reached out to the Cruz campaign for comment and will update if and when he hear back.