By some sad twist of fate, Ted Cruz, a man whose face is regularly broadcast to millions of television viewers, does not possess a face that is pleasing to the eye. What’s worse, he’d now like to openly display that face to the public for hours on end: the Senator from Texas has promised a filibuster.

On Sunday, Cruz went on ABC’s This Week to discuss the passing of Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia, and the ramifications for the political landscape. When asked what he’d do if President Barack Obama were to nominate a new justice, the Republican presidential candidate said he would “absolutely” to prevent the Senate from voting, regardless of who the nomination was.

“Absolutely, this should be a decision for the people,” he said, calling for a referendum on the court instead, despite no precedent for such a measure whatsoever.

Lest we forget, Cruz has filibustered before, and it was an excruciating nightmare that included a painful reading of “Green Eggs and Ham,” and a loving explanation of the show “Duck Dynasty.”

[Image via ABC]

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