A teen driver who filmed himself crashing into four vehicles, injuring 5 people, has been arrested for leaving the scene of a crash. Police found him after he uploaded video of the incident to YouTube under the title "Me Driving Like an Idiot."

Robert Kelley, 18, also faces charges of reckless driving and driving without a license, and police are considering charging him with intentional battery with a vehicle.

The video shows the teen swerving in and out of lanes on State Road 44 near New Smyra Beach, Fla., while techno music plays. It ends after he crashes into the back of a Toyota. Police say Kelley caused an accident that involved three additional cars after the footage ended.

Kelley had to be airlifted to a medical center after the accident Tuesday. He apparently uploaded the video from his hospital bed.

"Me Driving Like an Idiot" has been removed from YouTube since Kelley's arrest Friday.

"We certainly appreciate it," New Smyrna Beach Police Chief George Markert said of the free evidence.