In keeping with the honored tradition started by David After the Dentist, 17-year-old Cody Lanphere's mother recorded him at his loopiest while driving home from having his wisdom teeth removed. His eyes swell with tears as he asks, "Where is Beyoncé? She told—she told me she'd be here. She lied to me! She lied to me, mommy."

"Beyoncé couldn't make it," his mother, Christine Weber Livingston, tells him as his blubbering goes on. Livingston, a mother with enviable determination to embarrass her own child, also appears to be very dexterous, recording the 12-minute video while driving.

"My reaction was complete bewilderment...I couldn't even believe that that's how I was acting because I don't remember any of it," Lanphere, a freshman at Johnston Community College in Smithfield, N.C. and aspiring hip-hop dancer, told ABC News.

Livingston told ABC News that she first uploaded the video to Facebook for friends and family to make fun of Lanphere, but she soon after realized that this was her chance for social media retribution.

"My son likes to tweet about know, I was like, this is mommy's ultimate revenge," she told ABC News.

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