Nature is so beautiful. So is art. It might seem right to combine the two, if you are stupid. That is what a woman named Casey Nocket has been doing on her grand hiking tour across America.

There are a few problems, however. Nocket's art is butt-ugly, and it is also permanent, drawn on Mother Earth with acrylic paint. It is making lovers of nature, and, we assume, nature itself, very angry.

According to Modern Hiker, which first reported Nocket's hijinks, the young woman, who tags her works with the moniker "creepytings," has been documenting her travails on Instagram and has defiled national parks from Joshua Tree to Rocky Mountain with strange paintings of deformed faces smoking cigarettes. Vandalism of a national park is a federal misdemeanor.

For her part, Nocket has deleted her Instagram account but has allegedly taken to her defense on Tumblr, where she is actively replying to her haters. "If banksy did it u'd have a hardon, [sic]" she wrote to one critic of her work. Too bad false equivalence is the fallacy of our time.

[Image via Instagram]