Former NFL player and talking head Terry Bradshaw was on Fox News' women-driven Outnumbered today where he weighed in on Hillary Clinton's presidential prospects. Terry Bradshaw does not like Hillary Clinton. "I don't particularly like her. Never have," he said. "The only reason she's on Fox is because she's promoting books."

But what really needs to happen, says Bradshaw, is that we all need to start telling the truth: "I always say this: If you tell the truth, you don't have to worry about covering up with some other story. The truth sets you free."

The truth is, Terry Bradshaw does not think Hillary Clinton should be president, especially with that whole "Benghazi" thing. The truth is, Terry Bradshaw doesn't appear to know much about Benghazi:

"When that...When the lady came out and said that, uh, triggered all of this. What was it, uh? The...the music? What was it?" (He's referring to U.S National Security Advisor Susan Rice.)

"The Muslim video," Lisa Kennedy Montgomery responded.

"Right, the video! Did anybody buy that?"

Not Terry Bradshaw, apparently. He also discussed "bro hugs" on the show. He gives them.

[H/T Daily Intel]