Not all traffic in L.A., just the portion of it that happened to be crawling down the Pacific Coast Highway when a naked gentleman started flailing his arms through the sunroof of his very expensive car.

According to the man who recorded this video, there was a lot more to the incident than you see here.

"This all started when the guy driving the Tesla stopped in the middle of the PCH and jumped out of the car! Running around waving a shirt, acting like something was wrong with his Tesla," Teddy Bliss told the New York Daily News.

Then the man climbed onto his roof, "jumping up and down breaking the glass." He eventually sat down, drove wildly through traffic, and came to a stop after hitting a Mini Cooper.

"After I shot the video the Police finally came and they had to put the man in a restriction jacket and wrap him with blankets while loading him onto a stretcher," Bliss said..

The reason for the unnamed, presumably wealthy naked man's strange episode is still unclear. He's at a psychiatric hospital for evaluation, and police believe a controlled substance may have been involved.

The wait time for a new Tesla is 1 to 3 months.

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