I must confess, when the bro feeding a nacho to his bro at a Donald Trump rally briefly became an object of intense internet fascination this week, I didn’t really “get it.” Now, after reading an incredible interview with one of the bros in question, I feel bad for ever having doubted them.

Former Gawker writer Jay Hathaway managed to track down Marius Loots, the dude who ate the chip, for an interview with the Daily Dot. Before we go any further, let’s take a minute to acknowledge the Platonic perfectness of Loots’ name, for a nacho-lovin’ college bro. Looooooooooots, you can imagine his friends bellowing when it’s his turn at beer pong. Atta boy Loots! they exclaim as he sinks a flawlessly executed bounce shot.

Anyway, moving on. If you, like me, were wondering what those guys were doing at the rally, and specifically what they were doing in that moment, Loots has answers for you. Both he and his buddy are students at University of Central Florida, where the rally was held. They aren’t Trump supporters, but decided to see the phenomenon firsthand anyway after they were offered VIP tickets. As for what they were doing with the chip, well, Loots was just hungry.

If you watch the full video of the rally, you’ll see Loots whisper in his buddy’s ear just before the nacho slowly, deliberately—you might even say heroically—makes its way into his mouth.

“I told him ‘Hey, I’m hungry. Give me a nacho,’ and he said ‘I got you,’”

Were the nachos good? Hell yeah—they were great.

“They were amazing,” Loots confirmed.

Classic Loots.

Great details abound in the interview, including that Loots and his friend only ended up in those particular seats because Queen of Versailles billionaire David Siegel asked them to move, and that Loots was eating nachos again during the interview. He sent a picture to prove it. You’re killin me, Loots.

Read the whole interview here, but not before watching Loots’ glorious moment one more time.


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