It's getting harder and harder to tell the difference between all the white guys running for office in this country. Thankfully, Iowa gubernatorial candidate Jack Hatch is here to help. He shaved his mustache on camera to distinguish himself from his opponent, current Republican Gov. Terry Branstad.

As you can see, Branstad and Hatch had eerily similar mustache looks before the filming of this ad, which was released last night. "There's only one thing that Branstad and Jack Hatch have in common, and for Jack, that's one thing too many," the ad's narrator intones. According to Hatch's campaign manager, Hatch had been mustachioed for 46 years.

Thanks to the stunt, Branstad's spokesman gave the Des Moines Register this goofy spin: "Jack Hatch can shave his mustache, but his makeover won't change the fact that Branstad has grown the economy in Southeast Iowa after the disastrous economic policies from Culver-Hatch."

Branstad is currently leading Hatch in the polls by 9 points on average.

[Image via YouTube]