"Carlos Danger" is not only the narcissistic online coif Anthony Weiner adorned to shield his identity while sexting his dick (again), it's also the government name of a real 37-year-old psychiatrist with a real medical practice, a real Miami address, and a real phone number. And the real Carlos Danger wants you to leave him alone.

Dr. Danger does not want to talk to you. His answering service does not want to talk to you. His staff of receptionists—who've been forced to be the frontline defense against 48-hours' worth of Jerky Boy phonecalls—really, truly, absolutely does not want to talk to you.

Since the possible existence of Anthony Weiner's assumed identity became public, the Miami New Times has unsuccessfully attempted to reach him. The International Business Times also tried. The Epoch Times posted about the Miami New Times effort. And this from the Washington Post:

His harried but gracious receptionist confirmed that “Danger” has the traditional pronunciation you’d expect, as opposed to, say, rhyming with “hanger.”

Because we're apparently assholes, we called to find out how many calls they'd fielded in the last two days and Dr. Danger's office has been getting so many calls that its employees won't even tell you how many calls they've gotten. "No comment," the receptionist barked.

Oh, I was just wondering how crazy this has been for you.

"No comment."

By the way, Carlos Danger is a registered Republican. We can only speculate that after this week, he will stay that way forever.

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