The news on the disastrous effects of global warming is never good; but it also possesses the special quality of always being even more bad than we might have guessed.

Today: the thirsty sea, which seeks to swallow us all. A new study published in Nature finds that scientists in the past had actually overestimated how much the world's oceans had risen before 1990—by 30%. If you think that is good news, it is not. Because the scientists also found that we had been underestimating how much the seas have risen since 1990—meaning that the swiftness of the modern sea level rise has been much worse than we thought. The AP says that "The current sea level rise rate — which started in 1990 — is 2.5 times faster than it was from 1900 to 1990," meaning that the situation is getting worse much faster than we had previously assumed.

No portion of this study contained good news.

Enjoy your beach house while you still can.

[Photo: Flickr]