At his day job, John Overholt is the curator the Harvard library's collection of early modern books and manuscripts. On Tumblr, he does kind of the same thing, but with Wikipedia articles.

First Drafts of History, Overholt's blog, collects the earliest existing drafts of pages like Barack Obama, iPhone, and Cheese on the free encyclopedia. Back then, Obama was running for an Illinois senate seat, editors didn't realize that the iPhone's i isn't an I, and cheese was most notable for its traditional popularity with mice.

Some other highlights:

Overholt only started blogging on First Drafts of History last week, so for now, its collection of vintage Wiki ephemera is pretty small. After some digging, some other interesting first drafts: White people (a snowball that gets ever bigger), Bro (a male youth subculture of "conventional guys' guys"), Michael Dukakis (Mike Dukakis rules!).

This stuff is fascinating both for the way it sheds a light on the slapdash early stages of what has since become an astonishingly large and mostly useful source of information (Wikipedia officially launched in January 2001), and for its status as basically digital garbage. In 2014, a page about Gary Busey containing only the Dutch word "homofiel" has no practical value to anyone, but it sits there, taking up space, nonetheless.

[h/t Kottke]