Bears! Sure, 2013 is technically the Year of the Deer, but what would the past 12 months have been without's groundbreaking bear coverage? Answer: Not much. So as Gawker Media's premier source for all news bear-related, we're proud to present: The Year in Bears, 2013 Edition.

This year's bear stories covered the full spectrum of emotion. There was triumph and tragedy, laughter and tears. We've witnessed new cubs playing and old bears dying. But if we've learned one thing in particular this year, it's that bears love to pretend like they're human. Just look at this little bear on a slide!

And here's a tiny bear trying to take a picture! Meanwhile, his friend is over in the driveway trying to fix a car.

And in 2013, this grizzly bear celebrated his 11th birthday, just like a person! Happy birthday, bear!

We learned that some like to wrestle each other. Take, for instance, these two grizzlies, play fighting in Katmai National Park in Alaska. Wouldn't want to get between those two!

Some bears, though, aren't content to hang out and play with other bears. They prefer to live in the fast lane and ride around in exotic Italian sports cars. Just look at this guy, sitting in a Lamborghini like it's no big deal.

It wasn't just wrestling or driving sports cars for bears in 2013, though. Nope. Some bears did some dancing as well. Like these three cubs, holding hands and possibly singing.

Nothing helps you get in the dancing spirits like a drink or two. Here's a bear celebrating 2013 by walking around in a bar in Colorado and patiently waiting for service. But the poor guy had trouble ordering his drink, in part because no one even noticed he was there! Bad business decision for the bar, considering bears are known to drink 100 or so beers in one sitting.

If you've ever wondered what bears do for fun after a few drinks when no humans are around to take pictures, here's your answer: They party in the woods:

Which is much better than what one bear in China did earlier this year. Here's video of that bear eating a monkey that fell off a bicycle :(

And in September in Los Angeles, one bear led the LAPD on long, televised chase! Luckily for everyone, this bear was caught and is doing okay.

Of course, there was some tragic bear news in 2012. In August, Gus, the depressed polar bear at the Central Park Zoo, was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor and euthanized. He was 27. RIP, Gus.

But we can't end on a sad note. Here's a Russian bear doing all sorts of tricks, including playing the trumpet!

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[Image by Jim Cooke]