Photo: AP

According to The Politico, Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski this week revealed a previously unknown depth of ignorance about the one thing he’s expected to know: Elections.

Lewandowski was a guest Sunday on Fox News, where he was asked about his decision not to apologize to Michelle Fields, the reporter he grabbed at a Florida press conference in early March.

The answer to that question, of course, is that he didn’t apologize because he’s a bit of an asshole. So instead of answering, Lewandowski attacked Florida’s delegate system by stating a series of incorrect facts.

“The chairman of the party of Florida, who is an avid and outward supporter of Marco Rubio, gets to appoint 30 of those delegates. Now, I understand those are the rules but Donald Trump won,” he said. “And now, you’ve got a person who is supporting Marco Rubio who gets to appoint 30 of the 99 delegates.”

As Politico points out, approximately zero percent of what he said was accurate.

Lewandowski’s comments were wrong on three counts: Ingoglia remained neutral before and after the state’s March 15 GOP primary; the chairman doesn’t “appoint” any delegates; and the chairman is in charge of recommending 15 — not “30 of the 99” — delegates to the state executive committee.

Lewandowski also incorrectly said Trump won Florida’s March 15 winner-take-all primary “by 23 points over all of his competitors.” Trump’s margin over second-place Rubio was 19 percentage points.

That wasn’t even the only idiotic thing Lewandowski said during that interview: A source told the website that Lewandowski’s pronouncement that the Trump campaign expects to pick up 200 delegates in the next month was a terrible idea, strategy-wise.

“That’s a number we hope for,” the source said. “We’re trying to set expectations at 180, and he just blew through that — a complete amateur.”

Surely there is something Corey Lewandowski is qualified to do—we just don’t know what it is yet.