The death penalty is slowly losing prominence in America. Botched executions and problems with the supply of drugs has made lethal injection harder to carry out. Still, states are determined to balance out this trend with sheer bloodlust.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the state of Wyoming is considering a bill to reinstate the firing squad as the backup method of execution, in the event that the state can't carry out a lethal injection. These sorts of proposals do happen with a certain amount of regularity in our nation's more... frontier-oriented states, but this one sounds more serious than most.

Legislation that passed the state Senate this month on a 17-12 vote would authorize a firing squad in Wyoming if lethal injection can't be performed in a timely manner, or if it is deemed unconstitutional...

In Wyoming, Republican Gov. Matt Mead said he is open to signing the firing-squad bill if it clears the state House, where it is expected to encounter more opposition than in the Senate.

Wyoming does not have any prisoners on death row, thank god. As long as that remains the case, feel free to pass all the embarrassing frontier justice laws you want, you fucking yahoos. Anything that keeps these dangerous legislators distracted can only be considered a net positive.

[Photo of Iran in 1953 and/ or Wyoming in 2015: AP]