When listening to adults go on and on about how marriage is between one man and one woman gets you down, it's important to take a step back and listen to some kids prove definitively that we aren't born this way. Ignorant, that is.

In the latest installment their acclaimed Disclaimer Series, the Fine Bros. sit their Kids React panel in front of a couple of same-sex marriage proposals, and then ask them a few questions about homosexuality and equal rights.

"It's a thought provoking episode that will stir controversy," the brothers write in the video's description, "but we believe it's important to have these types of conversations openly, and hope we captured a moment in time that showed what the state of this issue was in our society in 2013."

Not surprisingly, most of the children are aghast at learning that marriage rights have not been extended to all Americans.

"Why would you be that mean to someone?" asks one boy.

But perhaps the most powerful moment of the video comes in the form of a child who expresses opposition to same-sex marriage, but struggles to explains why he believes it's a bad thing.

As the saying goes, out of the mouths of babes — until adults shut them up.

[video via TheFineBros]