Four days ago, areas of the Philippines were destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms ever recorded. The storm slammed into Tacloban, a city of 220,000 in the central Philippines. Evacuation has finally begun, but many residents remain in the region without food, clean water or shelter—all were destroyed by the typhoon.

The typhoon first made landfall in the city of Guiuan. Authorities estimate that over 23,000 homes were destroyed throughout the storm's path. [image via AP]

Around 10,000 people are believed dead in the aftermath of the typhoon, which leveled whole towns. [image via Getty]

Police carry body bags out of the ruins left behind in Haiyan's wake. [image via Getty]

Some bodies were laid in St. Michael The Archangel Chapel in the city of Tacloban, in the central Philippines. The city has no functioning morgue, so people put bodies where they can. [image via AP]

Survivors walk through what now remains of Tacloban. [image via AP]

Debris coats the city's streets as the rain continues four days after the typhoon. [image via AP]

Children pack a motorcycle sidecar to travel through streets that were trashed during the storm. [image via Getty]

Survivors walk over a bridge destroyed by the typhoon. [image via Getty]

Two Tacloban residents carry emergency relief items through the bay. [image via AP]

Large waves caused by Haiyan washed two large boats onto Tacloban's wrecked shore. [image via AP]

City residents stand in line for supplies and emergency treatment on Monday, three days after the storm. [image via AP]

A couple protects their baby from the continuing rain on Tuesday. [image via AP]

A woman carries a baby to the evacuation waiting area, where thousands are hoping to get on the plane out of Tacloban. [image via Getty]

People waiting in line for evacuation hang signs around their necks to signify their status as typhoon survivors. [image via AP]

Although the typhoon is called Haiyan elsewhere, its name in the Philippines is Yolanda. [image via AP]

Rescue workers try to restrain survivors as they all rush for the first evacuation flights from Tacloban, four days after the typhoon. [image via AP]

Military personnel must physically hold survivors back from rushing the evacuation plane. Those who didn't make it on will remain in their destroyed town until the next flight. [image via AP]

Military personnel carry an elderly woman and an injured man to the plane. [image via Getty]

The military provides snacks to survivors waiting in line for evacuation flights. [image via AP]

Survivors rush to a military evacuation plane in Tacloban on Tuesday. Only a few hundred made it this round. [image via AP]

A member of the Philippine military lifts a young girl over a fence to get her on the flight out of Tacloban. [image via AP]

Those who made it onto the flight finally have a moment of calm to process what they've been through. [image via Getty]

[lead image via AP]