Two petrol thieves remain at large in Australia after a gas station CCTV camera caught them fleeing the scene of a severely botched fuel heist.

The dramatic incident took place at a Caltex station in Mount Warren Park near Brisbane last week.

Surveillance video shows a woman in a short pink top gassing up a red hatchback, while her male accomplice waits inside the car.

A station employee, having grown suspicious of the couple, walks over to the car to check its registration plates.

Freaking out, likely over the plates having been stolen as well, the driver suddenly takes off with the nozzle still attached to the car, causing his partner to be flung several feet in the air before hitting the ground hard.

The abrupt motion also caused the hose to disconnect from the pump, which was still dispensing fuel at the time.

According to a local police inspector, so-called "petrol drive-offs" are a "huge problem" in the area, with the same Caltex station seeing up to $90 (US$93) worth of fuel stolen every time.

"It does cost us a hell of a lot of money," said owner Shane Jacobson, who believes a policy of pre-payment will probably be instituted soon.

[H/T: Arbroath, video via Quest News]