Look at this, a person who actually lived a nightmare scenario from hell that you might've dreamt during the worst sleep of your life: a Utah man showed up in a polo shirt during an important meeting with Barack Obama.

The New York Post spoke with 26-year-old Lance Futch, who wasn't even supposed to take this meeting, but somehow got called in for what he thought was a business casual sit-down on normal workplace matters. But actually, oops, it was the President of the United States and Senator Orrin Hatch:

“I was told that it was going to be an informal event — that it was going to be business casual,” Futch told The Post Wednesday.

“So when President Obama walked in the room, I’m looking down at my white polo going, ‘Well, if I would have known this, I would have worn my military blues or at least a suit and tie.’ I admit I was feeling a little underdressed at the moment.

Oh my Gooooooooood NO, LANCE. LANCE! Lance. You can't wake up from this one, Lance.


Photo: Getty