A polar bear named Arturo, who lives in a hot enclosure at Mendoza Zoo in Argentina, has not been having a great two years. After his best friend Pelusa died in 2012, Arturo has responded by exhibiting strange behavior, such as rocking side to side, baring his teeth, and collapsing into a pile with no will to get up. It can reach up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit in his enclosure.

Photos of Arturo have surfaced on The Daily Mail that show Arturo in various states of disrepair and depression. The water pool that is located in his enclosure is barely 20 inches deep.

Via the Daily Mail:

Mendoza Zoo blocked an effort five months ago to move Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg, Canada - where a new International Polar Bear Conservation Centre is located, reported the Sunday People.

The zoo did not believe the bear would survive the two-day trip, with director Gustavo Pronotto saying the medical board had made a decision - and officials were keen to 'avoid a big mistake'.

Greenpeace has begun a campaign to transfer Arturo, gaining 160,000 signatures of support, but the zookeepers are adamant that he must stay.

Mr Pronotto said: 'We must avoid a big mistake, like his death during the trip or upon arrival. One must evaluate the risks carefully. He is old, and this would require many hours of anaesthesia.'

Arturo is 900 pounds and 29 years old and serves as the Mendoza Zoo's primary attraction. Are we getting to the point where all zoos need to be closed yet?