I think we can officially declare proposal videos over. We’ve seen dogs do it, pilots do it, even gay men in Home Depot do it. And now we’ve seen Justin Baldoni do it, which is a beautiful or awful thing, depending on your tolerance for self-promotion.

On April 13, actor and director Baldoni took his girlfriend Emily Foxler to the Blu Jam Café in Los Angeles. It was where they shared their first date and where he proceeded to share with her this twenty-seven minute proposal. It’s simultaneously touching and horrifying; while making fun of most contemporary proposal tropes (candles, video montages, flash mobs) he still partakes in every single one, making it all a little too….much. Unless you’re romantic, in which case it’s just enough. Whatever it is, it sure is something!

Because most people don’t have time to watch a Kony 2012-length video proposal on YouTube, here are the highlights:

  • 2:20 Emily Wonders What Is Happening
  • 5:37 N’Sync Lip Syncing
  • 7:24 Boyz II Men Lip Syncing
  • 8:41 Dancing Queen Lip Syncing
  • 9:36 Flash Mob
  • [Movie Stuff in the Middle Sorta Sucks]
  • 15:13 Home Video Montage
  • 17:40 First Touching Family Scene
  • 20:00 Second Touching Family Scene
  • 20:53 Third Touching Family Scene
  • 22:10 I Just Don’t Know How to Respond Here
  • 22:40 THE PROPOSAL
  • 25:22 The Credits

So that’s it everyone. No more videos. It’s all been done. Done done done.

[h/t The Daily Dot]